It’s the oldest saying in the book; “we are what we eat”!  Our food industry exponentially mutated over the last few decades.  As population increased, so did the demand for food.  Fast-paced lives require fast food options.

Animal-grade hormones, antibiotics and steroids as well as chemical pesticides, copious amounts of modified sugar, and egregious levels of salt have monopolized food options.  The most important thing when making food choices is – ingredients, ingredients, ingredients!

Eating organic reduces our bodies’ total toxic burden.  Pesticides and herbicides are toxic by nature, and your diet can consistently expose you to these dangerous poisons.  Fortunately, eating organic foods reduces HAZMAT buildup our systems.

Moreover, organic foods have exponentially more beneficial nutrients than their conventionally-grown counterparts; and people with allergies to foods, chemicals, and/or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or disappear when eating 100% organic.

What are we putting inside our bodies?  We only have one so it’s imperative to stay as ORGANIC as possible.