Rest, rejuvenation and sleep are critical parts of a healthy lifestyle!

REST our minds with prayer and meditation.  Resting is just as important as exercise because it’s an equal part of the total process required to build strength, endurance, and muscle.  Working out, especially resistance training, breaks our bodies tissue down.  Rest days allow our muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue time to rebuild. Our bodies recover and heal best at rest.

Remember REJUVENATING techniques such as massage and restorative yoga.  These practices are akin to rejuvenation pruning which is removing old, overgrown limbs so the plant can grow new, vigorous branches in their place; specifically, trimming the shrub to allow regrowth. This is a crucial part of wellness.

Above all, the ideal amount of SLEEP is 7 hours per night; and the best way to make this happen is a habit of going to bed at the same time every night. Moreover, arise the same time every morning!  Sleep plays a critical role in physical health. Just one of many examples:  it’s crucial in healing and repairing heart and blood vessels. Continuous sleep deficiency contributes to increased risk of heart and kidney failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. We all need quality light, deep & REM sleep, especially in this fast-paced world.