It may be hard to believe, but I bet I know exactly how you’re feeling.  Today, I’m a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Nutrition Consultant & am thrilled to say, I feel energized and healthy. However, it wasn’t that long ago that I was the furthest from healthy; I was lost and broken. Struggling with my confidence and negative thoughts made it difficult to live life well. I remember hating the reflection in the mirror, so I know what it feels like to overcome roadblocks and negative self-image.

Many things have changed. By the grace of God, I’ve found health and wellness. I also realize there is so much more than mere exercise and nutrition! These two critical areas feed into my confidence, positive self-image and are glued together through faith. This is the total package of health and wellness.

In the beginning, I entered this industry for personal reasons. Over the years, I grew a primary desire to help others change their lives and find answers they sought after! My goal is to assist you in understanding your struggles, the underlying reasons they exist and to insure both your external and internal happiness. Armed with your customized exercise and nutrition plans and my passion for your desired results, if you follow my guidance; I will guarantee your successful transformation! 


Stacy has 15 years’ experience as a health and wellness professional; more than 10 of which as a personal trainer and health coach.  Complimenting this expertise, she’s also a nutritional consultant with an organic superfood company, consistently growing her leadership roles and responsibilities within the corporation and in her team over the last four years.  This organization has the system through which Stacy provides her clients with encouragement, education and organic, whole-food nutrition.  Via proper exercise, training and human performance programs coupled with clean nutritional counseling, Stacy helps thousands of individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.  Her highly-versatile services include designing marathon and triathlon training programs in addition to varied exercise and meal plans.  She is highly motivated and extremely passionate about seeing her clients succeed.

Stacy was certified through NSPA and NASM.  An advocate of continuing-education, she also added the following accreditations to her toolbox:  pre-natal, Swiss ball, Mad Dogg Spinning and Insanity.

Stacy is also an avid athlete herself.  She weight-trains daily, runs regularly, practices weekly Bikram yoga and Pilates (for more than 15 years), instructs weekly Spinning and Treading classes and much more.  She completed eight marathons, more than 30 half-marathons and roughly 25 sprint and Olympic triathlons.  Stacy’s proven passion for health and wellness pours onto others and drives her to continue her quest of making the world a better place by improving the lives of her clients.


Are you ready? I’m with you every step of the way.