Stacy has guided me to a fitness level that I would not have been able to achieve, more important maintain,  on my own. The workouts designed for me are different from week to week. The workouts are challenging and push me to go where I would not go on my own free will. I often tell Stacy “If it was not for you I would have quit this workout 30 minutes ago!”   Stacy has improved my diet by offering suggestions and monitoring results. I look forward to my weekly workouts even though I know it will be a “suffer fest.”  When I am finished it is always well worth the effort and a great sense of accomplishment. I have fun along the way!

Hunter McCullough

I’ve tried every diet, shake and fad workout known to man.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on gym memberships and personal trainers but I never could stay with anything long enough to reach a goal.  over the last eight years, I have slowly packed on over 55lbs, yo-yo dieting and then always ending up heavier than when I began.  I remember the moment I decided to reach out to Stacy.  I had hit rock bottom, which was only albs away from my heaviest weight ever – but it was more than the number on the scale; I was always tired, I was always pouring myself another drink, or having that second serving of dinner.  I had lost all control.

Stacy and I began working together January 3rd.  I knew this time was different when I received an email from her asking me about my lifestyle and what I was willing to change and what my goals were (not just my goal weight).  It was the first time I felt like someone was going to help me through this journey and really be the support system I needed.

Stacy’s holistic approach and constant guidance helped me drop over 30 pounds in 3 months – but more than what I have lost is what I have gained.  She has a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share with her clients and she has pushed me out of my comfort zone both with workouts and with my nutrition.  Stacy listens to me and makes adjustments accordingly.  I trust her, knowing that she’ll never lead me down a path of something I cannot sustain.

Most trainers/coaches only have a relationship with you in the gym during your dedicated 60 minute time.  Stacy is so willing to answer questions whenever I have them, or offer her encouragement when I am feeling defeated and congratulations when I reach a new milestone.  She makes it a priority to be invested in my success and how I am doing, not only in the gym, but with everything else life throws at me.  This is what sets her apart from everyone else.

After my countless attempts at being a healthier and happier person, Stacy has made this time different.  She asks a lot of her clients but she is there with you every step of the way, she is more than a trainer or a coach, she is a role model, a teacher and best of all a friend.  I still have a long journey to go but for once in my life I am looking forward to pushing myself and continuing to work with Stacy.

Julieanne Grim

Nearly a decade ago, I reached out to Stacy because I wanted to get strong, fit and challenge myself in new ways. After years of struggling with my weight, I lost 40 pounds on my own through diet and moderate exercise. My new goal was to keep the weight off and get strong. I connected with Stacey because I felt her background and one on one training approach would get me to my goal.

Over the years, she has kept me motivated every week, offered guidance, friendship, faith, compassion and believed in me even when I doubted myself. She helped me prepare and recover from a major surgery, gave me confidence to complete a 5K race, renewed my love of yoga and taught me that I am capable of more than I ever imagined.

There is no finish line in fitness and Stacy has taught me to enjoy the process, have fun, laugh when you fall down and believe in yourself because you are worth it. I’ve transformed my body with more strength and muscle and can honestly say I am stronger and fitter at 40 than I was at 20.

Andrea Hoelfich